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The Lawyer

The Law Firm

The law firm of Michael Riedel is existing since 1995.

He is specialized in the area of "Market Surveillance in the European Union" and "Telecommunications Law" and always follows the development of European Union law and national laws in the Member States. Due to his many years of experience and constant interdisciplinary cooperation with scientists from technical and physical occupations, he realizes motivated the interests of his clients.

The Know How

The Lawyer has a special understanding of complex technical and physical contexts and the necessary experience in the handling of extensive legal matters and in-depth legal knowledge in the fields of criminal law, regulatory offense law, police and regulatory law, the law of the European Union and of constitutional law.

The Lawyer is a participant in the Amateur Radio Service (DG2KAR). He worked as a trainee at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPI) in Bonn for one year where he gained experience in the field of microwave technology and the technologies for operating the Effelsberg radio telescope. As a result, he has acquired knowledge of physics, electrical engineering and communications and high-frequency engineering.

The Work

His permanent clients include companies as manufacturers and importers, as well as other economic operators. His legal activity includes representation to the European market surveillance authorities, the legislative bodies, the standardization bodies and the European Commission.

The Lawyer participates in meetings of the European standardization organizations for manufacturers and companies, and follows the development of standards, technical specifications and harmonized standards until their publication. It subjects its application by the authorities in measurements and hazard forecasts to a comprehensive legal review. The legal accompaniment of products - from development to the conformity assessment procedure and to the provision on the market and quality management - is also one of his tasks.

The Goals

In legal matters of allocation and use of frequencies with radio equipment and resources, the Lawyer has many years of experience. The enforcement of spectrum rights, the elimination and prevention of radio and electromagnetic interference, as well as the defense against regulatory action related to the use of spectrum and disruption of communications services, with particular legal regard to measurements and surveys conducted by public authorities, are among his regular activities duties as a Lawyer.

The Lobbyist

The Lawyer Michael Riedel acts as a stakeholder for manufacturers and importers of electrical products and radio equipment, with the aim of realizing the free movement of goods, as well as the reduction of barriers to trade. These objectives include the harmonization, free use and regulation of the entire radio-frequency spectrum. As a lobbyist, he consistently represents these interests to members of the EU Parliament and the EU Commission with their institutions, as well as to national authorities and members of the national parliament.

The Results

The always extensive and scientifically oriented work has always led to outstanding results for the realization of the interests of all clients.

The Fee

The fee for the legal profession in legal matters and for the services as a stakeholder are basically negotiated individually.

Michael Riedel

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